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The Future is Unwritten

First of all, I'd like to apologize to all of your receiving this post as an email, seeing as you signed up for a newsletter that hasn't come out for months! Putting out a weekly podcast just proved to be too much.

And now things are changing even more. Two new things will be taking my time away from Everyday Anarchism. First, and most momentously, I'll be returning to full-time teaching, this time at UNC. Second, I'm starting a second podcast, which was actually the podcast I was working on before I created Everyday Anarchism: AIdeas.

I don't know what happens now, except that I know that Everyday Anarchism won't be a weekly podcast in 2023, and probably will cease to be a weekly podcast in August or September of 2022. But it's not going away. I think I will probably try to do 10-15 episodes in 2023, coming out as a "season" over the course of a few months. But that's still up in the air.

If you have any thoughts, episode requests, ideas, anything at all related to the podcast and its future, just email me at everydayanarchismpodcast@gmail.com

Thanks for listening!