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Mutual Aid.

Mutual Aid.
Photo by Nick Fewings / Unsplash

Power exists because the people with less power allow it to exist. But we spend a lot of time telling ourselves that’s not true. If we can learn that we -- each one of us -- is actually in charge, that our decisions matter, and that we in fact have a decision to make, then everything will work better.

When people think about anarchy, or anarchism, they think about radical change, revolution, destruction. But that’s not necessarily what the leading anarchist thinkers have thought and written over the past 200 years. Many of them focus on the collective, on helping and supporting each other -- Mutual Aid.

The core idea of this podcast, Everyday Anarchism, comes from David Graeber, who wrote that our everyday life is mostly run on anarchism, and at the same time people believe that anarchism doesn’t work. One of these is wrong.

All the forces that shape our lives are secondary to our own choices, and our own communities.

Let’s get this bread.