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Episode 26: Peter Kropotkin's "Anarchism" with Ruth Kinna

Episode 26: Peter Kropotkin's "Anarchism" with Ruth Kinna
Emma Goldman delivers Kropotkin's eulogy

In this February 2022 discussion episode of Anarchism 101, I discuss Kropotkin's "Anarchism" with Ruth Kinna. Join me and Ruth as we discuss Kropotkin's life, his place in the history of anarchism, and his analysis of anarchism as both a modern movement and an ancient practice.

For more from Ruth, check out her discussion of the anarchism of Santa Claus with me and the overview of the history of anarchism on In Our Time.

This project is year-long; on the first of each month of 2022, I'll be posting my reading of an important anarchist text. Later that month, I'll post an episode in which I discuss each text and its author. Look forward to Proudhon in March 2022!

If you have any questions you would like answered about the text or Kropotkin, email me at everydayanarchismpodcast@gmail.com